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Live Broadcast Drone Coverage by Epic Drone Tours. Elevate Your Sports Broadcasting with Live Aerial Footage.

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Elevate Your Live Sports Broadcasting

In an industry where the viewer experience is everything, Epic Drone Tours is revolutionizing sports broadcasting. Offering live sports drone coverage, both standard drone and live-FPV, including partnerships with esteemed clients like the San Diego Padres, our aerial live streaming is setting a new standard in real-time sports coverage.

Why Choose Epic Drone Tours For Your Live Sports Broadcasting?

Unique Features

Direct to Booth Live Feed: We hand over a real-time, live feed directly to your broadcast booth, eliminating any middlemen and ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

In-Game Highlights: Capture game-changing moments for live or post-game broadcasts.

Spectacular Aerial Views: Our drones provide aerial shots of stadiums and arenas, adding a cinematic layer to your sports coverage.

Live FPV Drone Capabilities: Our first-person-view drones provide POV shots close to the action to bring the viewer down to the field in the most immersive way.

Featured Client: San Diego Padres

We are privileged to offer exclusive live drone coverage for the San Diego Padres. Experience new angles and dynamic shots that turn every game into a cinematic event.

Who We Are

Epic Drone Tours provides an immersive virtual touring experience of any property with our innovative indoor FPV drones.

Additionally, we’re equipped with an arsenal of cinema-grade videography equipment to meet the needs of any production…see for yourself.

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Leading virtual tours and videography for residential & commercial real estate brokers, hotels, offices & more

Epic Testimonials from Our Clients

“Epic Drone Tours' live sports drone coverage is a broadcast game-changer. They're a team of professionals and always get the shot. Their output and direct-to-booth feed make for an unparalleled viewer experience."

San Diego Padres

San Diego

We hired Epic Drone Tours for an immersive hotel & restaurant shoot. They are a team of exceptional, creative, competent drone pilots. They were organized, punctual, open-minded, and deadline-oriented. With my 20+ years in hospitality, I can say they’re the ideal team—patient, flexible, and detail-focused. Highly recommended

Leslie Araiza-Lorenzo,

Grand Colonial Hotel

After reviewing various drone companies, we found EDT to be the top choice for our office building interiors and exteriors. Anyone can do great exterior shots but to effectively showcase our office buildings we needed someone that could provide best-in-class interior footage. Their responsive and creative team delivered excellent results, making them our go-to for future projects.

Erik McLaughlin

Stream Realty

Epic Drone Tours exceeded our expectations with high-quality production and professionalism. They swiftly accommodated a last-minute request, capturing unique footage of our interior space that significantly elevated our project. Highly recommended for budget-friendly, creative drone services.

Max Culhane

LSS Media

We hired Epic Drone Tours for an immersive hotel & restaurant shoot. They are a team of exceptional, creative, competent drone pilots. They were organized, punctual, open-minded, and deadline-oriented. With my 20+ years in hospitality, I can say they’re the ideal team—patient, flexible, and detail-focused. Highly recommended

Leslie Araiza-Lorenzo,

Grand Colonial Hotel

I work in commercial real estate. EDT delivered an engaging FPV drone tour for our 200k+ sqft warehouse. Recommended by colleagues, the EDT team wowed us with their pilot’s skill & creativity. Professional, innovative, and elevating our marketing, we’re excited to continue working with them!

Nathan Goodwin

Social Networx

I hesitate in writing an A+ review for Epic Drone Tours because I am giving away one of my best-kept secrets in SoCal! Their approach to video is so innovative. Having a drone fly in and out of homes, through homes, and highlighting the surrounding areas is unlike anything anyone else is doing! They provide amazing video content always. Jack and his team are setting the trends in real estate video content.

Angela Caliger

Surterre Properties

I hired Epic Drone Tours to showcase a listing in San Diego and it made all the difference. Amazing quality with an extremely fast turnaround. 10/10 would recommend.

Karinna Evelina

Keller Williams

In this competitive market, Epic Drone Tours really gives us that extra tool that very few, if any other brokers have. It’s really that step above in service and adds that extra feature that just blows our sellers away.

Mark Aspinall

Berkshire Hathaway

You can tell where a room is because you flow from one place to another. You can see the floor plan even better. People are always excited to see something different.

Chris Johnson


These guys are the REAL DEAL!, can’t recommend highly enough! The entire team are so easy to deal with and the entire experience is always not notch….

Simon Polito

ExP Realty

I would highly recommend this company for anyone who is interested in drone footage. I recently used them for a drone shoot of a large ranch and the footage came out great! Will definitely be using them in the future.

George Ouzounian

The Agency

The EDT team is amazing, they’ve shot a number of high-end properties for us and have done great work each time. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their property marketing to the next level!

Sanjay Solomon

The Altman Brothers Team

It was such a pleasure to work with Jack and the Epic Drone Tours team in creating my first real estate listing video! They helped me make sure that my video stands out among the rest. They spent the entire day with me making sure…

Jenny Tormey

ExP Realty

Epic Drone Tours did an amazing job at a big ranch listing we have. When you have nearly 12 acres to cover, a drone tour is the way to go. Jack and his crew killed it for us. Will be using them for many years to come!

Josh Holland

The Agency

Epic Drone Tours is fantastic! They offer quality content for us to promote! As a realtor, who you work with matters! They have a great staff with awesome communication & great turn around. Thank you Epic Drone Tours!

Pilar Meza

Eric Iantorno & Associates

Epic Drone Tours exceeded expectations, capturing our office experience & culture of our four branches with stunning indoor drone tours. Skilled pilots, engaging storytelling, and seamless branding integration made for an unforgettable showcase. Highly recommended for impactful and immersive office tours.

Penny Crook

Canyon Title

Epic Drone Tours is Simply the Best! I’ve worked with them on every type of property of all sizes. No matter the price point I have brought them in on, they have treated my listings with the utmost care and professionalism, and have been an essential part of my listing and branding process. I could not recommend them highly enough, as they have helped to elevate my business to the level that it is today.

John McNicholas


Frequently asked questions

1. How does the Epic Drone Tours experience work?

Working with Epic Drone Tours for live broadcasts is a seamless and smooth process. Depending on the event or game, we'll handle all necessary waivers and licenses prior to the day of filming. Simply let us know when you'd like us to film and we'll be there with the best gear for the event. While on-site, we will maintain clear communication with your team and broadcast, ensuring a smooth and easy process.

2. Where do you operate?

For live sporting events, we travel nationwide, but are based in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

3. How safe are Epic Drone Tours?

Safety is paramount at Epic Drone Tours. We have an outstanding safety record with no incidents to date. Our licensed and highly skilled pilots utilize specialized drones tailored to the requirements of your project. We strongly advise against attempting to fly your own drone indoors, as it can be hazardous. Trust our professional team to deliver a safe and exhilarating experience.

4. How do you ensure the safety?

Our top priority is safety. Our expert FPV drone pilots follow strict safety protocols, conduct pre-flight assessments, and coordinate with the property and business management to minimize any potential risks while flying.

5. Do you send the feed directly to the broadacst?

Yes, we can send our footage directly from the camera into your broadcast system.

6. Can I use the drone footage for social media and other marketing materials?

Absolutely! We allow you to use the footage anywhere you please for promotional and commercial reasons.

7. How long can you stay in the air during a live broadcast?

We typically are equipped with enough batteries to last as many hours as possible. The drone can be in the air for about 30 minutes at a time, with short battery swaps. FPV drones are able to be in the air for 2-4 minutes at a time.

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