Say goodbye to boring, outdated real estate videos

Capturing the true essence of a property through a small collection of photos has always been a difficult – if not impossible – feat.

It’s easy for the nuances that make a property truly special to get lost in translation with pictures, creating a disconnect between how the property looks online and how it looks in person – a disconnect which ultimately leaves sellers frustrated and buyers walking away unsatisfied.



Hour delivery


Indoor FPV Drone

Epic Drone Tours is committed to showcasing your property in its very best light…


In the way it was always meant to be viewed….with a tour!

We are taking advantage of the newest drone technology available to give your buyers a touring experience so authentic, they’ll feel like they’re actually there. That way, when a buyer finally walks onto your property, it won’t be the first time – it will already feel like home.

How do drone tours work?

Our tours document your space in its best and most authentic form. Your buyers will fall in love with the property before you even speak to them, we’re allowing them to do more than just see the property…

Epic Drone Tours help your buyers get to know the nuances, personality, and ambiance of the space, integrating the outdoor and indoor drone footage to create a realistic, natural touring experience.

The Benefits:

✔️ Standout and WOW your viewers
✔️ Capitalize on video marketing
✔️ Best-in-class technology
✔️ Show true perspective and size
✔️ Show the city/neighborhood area
✔️ Consistent high-quality



What Makes us Different?

Epic Drone Tours takes advantage of the newest technology to deliver an innovative, authentic touring experience.

Instrumental to this is the use of FPV (first person view) drones. Many real estate videographers still use large, recreational drones, leaving them limited to shooting outdoors; however, our FPVs are foam padded – to ensure the safety of the surrounding items during their flight – and can fit in the palm of your hand, optimizing them to capture flawless footage of your property from all of its best angles, even in tight, indoor spaces.

Meet The Team


Jack Spitser

Jack, founder of Epic Drone Tours, has been an avid photographer and videographer for as long as he can remember.

He’s been a sports photographer for 5 years now, and photographed at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this past July. He swam for and graduated from UC San Diego in 2020 before starting the company, mixing his love of real estate with his passion for videography, leading to the formation of EDT.

Jack Spitser



Mark Gambale

Mark, co-founder of Epic Drone Tours, is an avid entrepreneur that’s been interested in new businesses since he was 12.

He graduated from Babson College with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship in 2002. Mark has experience building win, win, win partnerships and brings a passion for helping people to the real estate industry.

Mark Gambale



Mark Johnston

Mark has been flying and building every kind of drone since 2015, leading to the extensive knowledge that he has today. He loves serving the local San Diego market.

Mark Johnston

San Diego Pilot


Yohomo Coto

Yohalmo, filmmaker and drone pilot for as long as he can remember, lives and breathes through media and production. With an avid passion for creating quality work, Mo loves bringing his expertise and love for flying to the LA market.

Yoholmo Coto

Los Angeles Pilot

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